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Missing Songs

I'm wondering where all the dance off songs. I love the dance off and that's literally ALL my videos. I had A's or S's on all of them so now I'm upset that they're all gone.

Not fun anymore

WHERE DID ALL THE SONGS GO???? Now i don’t even want to play cheez!

I love the app but...

I don't know what COS will be used in the future

Don’t get it

When I play cheez it’s fun to make the videos but when I was going to make one I was going to look up a song but it didn’t have it so I understood but when I searched for a new song it was not there so I tried again and again but no songs showed up then I looked at the home for a tun of songs and there the song was I just didn’t get it it made no sense to me so I just played the song and did my video but then I thought why was the song where the home of a tun of songs there but when I searched for it it did not show up it was weird so I recommend you get it for the funny stuff the other things you should not have.

fix it

when I upload a video and put tags on it crashes fix it

My mom says it’s bad

Well I was thinking of downlaoding it again but then my mom said no just do musically

I have a problem

So I deleted the app and it is still giving me updates and I don’t know what to do


iddiodic I spent two minutes on it and it ruins my music unbelievable 👎👎👎👎👎🤮😡

Way too many little kids on here promoted to the front page

It’s creepy. Please moderate your app better. Otherwise the video feature is neat but the interface needs some improvement. Should be a way to remove the overlays as well.

Apenas vídeos babacas

Achei que tinha triviA e etc só tem vídeos babacas

I won not fake

I won on my first time but it’s stupid how u have to have 20$ to cash out

Why did u remove fresh faces

I’m not sure if it’s just my phone but I can’t see fresh faces. I loved fresh faces because u got to see new cheezes instead of seeing the same thing over and over on trending. Of you did remove it please add it back. (Rates four stars because everything else is great) thank you for your time to read this.


Garbage app doesn’t even work right. Wouldn’t even let me play.

Quizbiz is great!

I’ve been playing HQ and cashshow, friend showed me this app for quizbiz. Have not won yet but the jackpot is higher and less people playing. Haven’t had any trouble with the app booting me, but the host is always a stoner or space cadet and doesn’t read the questions fast enough! If you play just know to read the question quick when it pops up on your phone!


If you’re getting it for quizbiz don’t it’s a waste either you get cheated out of winning cause of bs glitches or app crashes and if by some miracle you do win you won’t be able to cash out. I’ve won once and I have the amount needed to cash out but it never lets me. So either way you won’t be able to get your money


How do you get cheddars?


This app is great it's like vine 2, I love it!

No payout

I have read briefly through the terms of service and I think it's safe to say that this company will do what they can to make sure you won't receive a cash prize. Just don't download it.

consistently bad

kicks you out sometimes, doesn't show questions sometimes, etc


I think ur app is good in all but whenever I do the dance battle it says I’m doing the wrong moves when I’m doing them right, it’s so frustrating

Ur mum triple gae

Ur mum triple gae

Horrible just awful

Started it doesn’t load exit just to get back in doesn’t let me and always kicks me please don’t waste your time if you have it delete it


Upon first usage if of the app, the game was supposed to start at a specific time, but failed to follow through with no explanation from the developers. There is no real game at all. Save your time, and don't download the app.

Troubleshooting issue

It won’t let me play the live game. Every time I put the referral code in it says please confirm the referral code and won’t let me do anything else.

Can’t use extra life’s and the money

If I tried that I cannot use my extra life and I agree with that it’s 100% Rigged because 10,000 dollars sounds pretty rigged or a lie and equally split ??? People want the FULL amount of money not $1.00 dollar !!!

I like it

It’s cool

Total copy

QuizBiz has a good idea and concept of how people can win money. But the app HQ did it first and they just copied off them completely. HQ doesn’t kick you off. QuizBiz does. HQ is able to handle over 1 million players every game. QuizBiz can’t. Don’t get it if you only want QuizBiz. Download HQ instead it is the original and WAY more sophisticated.


I really like Quizbiz, and I don’t have a problem with it. But notifications wise the app is pretty annoying. I don’t need someone to look at my phone and think I watch cringy belly dancing videos. (But quizbiz notifications are fine and necessary)

I love this app BUT..

I downloaded this only for the trivia and its been lagging really bad... the host was one question behind because of the lag and then the whole app crashed when I was almost about to win the game. I know people can win on the trivia but the lag and glitching has made it impossible to play:(


I thought I was getting a quiz game not not to mention I don’t know what the heck I’m doing because it gives not instructions!😖! I’m trying to follow nd how smart they think they are 🧐🤨 I can’t find it! I would not recommend this app!


Fun and more fun

QuizBiz is 100% Rigged

I was pretty optimistic about QuizBiz when I first downloaded and everything seemed great and they had amazing prize money, like $50,000, pretty often, in the back of my mind I thought it was too good to be true and I was correct! Within two days, myself and some hundreds of thousands of others were unable to answer a question due to a glitch and the show was cancelled which is totally fine and understandable. I was even reimbursed with 3 lives. But the next day during a $50,000 round, I was kicked during the 11th question for no reason and couldn’t answer because the question had already timed out when I reopened the app. How convenient that I get kicked on the 11th question of a 12 question game show after using 3 lives. And I know I wasn’t the only one because lots of people in the comments were sounding off about it too. They haven’t given me any lives to compensate for that if it was a “glitch”, but I am just convinced at this point that if too many people make it to the final question they just kick half of them and peg it as a “technical difficulty”. Super frustrating and makes me feel like I’ve wasted any time I have put into QuizBiz and it’s also just defeating when you’re potentially losing money. Don’t download it, it’s a total waste of time.


It was ok

Big scam

The Trivia kicks you randomly so only bots win and the answers are wrong half the time anyway. It should be taken down.

Why I like and dislike Cheez

I like it because it is fun and cool and I dislike it because it keeps kicking me out

Terrible app

It’s a large scam

Same thing as musically don’t get

It’s practically the same exact thing as musically except the Trivia part


The picture feature is fine but the quiz is just crappy HQ trivia.

No money 😩😫😭😭😭😰

It wont let me win it keeps on saying confirm your referral code when I did


I answered the question right on quiz biz and got kicked out why FIX YALL STUFF

Ayyy Gang Gang Gang

Who’s also here from Ricegum’s instaaaaa ayyyy


I gave this a 5 star because ricegum promoted so yeah and prop to ricegum he’s the best youtuber.

I am updated and it glitched and I knew all the answers

It took all my lives even though I had an extra life and I was up to date.


Me gustaría que fuera una plataforma para que ayudara a YouTube a crecer en suscripciones

Promo codes

Does anyone know how to enter promo codes? Cheez gave out a code but I don’t know how to enter it.

really ?

vine and HQ wannabe . next. 👋

Cool game, with an annoying problem

I just started playing the trivia game and am already addicted. However, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong because I have no extra lives. Yesterday during the game there was an error and a wrong answer was given for one of the questions, so the girl announcing the questions gave out a free code. I have nowhere to enter a code. Am I missing something?


I love the special effects and this app is really fun to use in your free time! I RATE THIS 5 STARS INSTALL IT NOW BEFORE IT COST MONEY!!!


Very funny thanks

iPhone X

Support for iPhone X pls

  • send link to app